Roatch Lecture Archive

1996: Re-examining Services to Diverse Populations

Keynote Speaker:
Guadalupe G. Lara, MSW, CSW
Children's Hospital 
Michigan, Detroit

2001: Planks, Splinters and Human Rights: Judging Ourselves as We Judge Others

Keynote Speaker:
Chris Sidoti
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2005: - Special Event - Maximizing the Benefits of University Community Partnerships

Keynote Speaker:
Jude Butcher
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2007: Synergies and tensions in child protection and parent support: Insights from the Italian case

Keynote Speaker: 
Silvia Fargion, PhD
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1997: Social Work as Development: Learning from Africa and Asia

Keynote Speaker:
James Midgley, Provost
Lousiana State University
Baton Rouge

2001: Special Follow-up to the 2001 John F. Roatch Lecture: Human Rights After September 11

Keynote Speaker:
Chris Sidoti

1995: The Story of an Orphanage Told by its Children

Keynote Speaker:
Howard Goldstein, DSW
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio

1996: Arizona History: Mexicans and Their Influence

Keynote Speaker:
Thomas Sheridan
Arizona State Museum
Tucson, Arizona

1995: The Dilemma of Government Social Services: Current Perspectives from the UK

Keynote Speaker:
Ian Ross
Central Region Council
Stirling, Scotland

2019: Working with Syrian Families in extreme conditions: Lessons for global Immigration and refugee policies

Keynote Speaker:

Bree Akesson, Ph. D
Associate Professor
Faculty of Social Work and the Social Justice
Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada

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2018: Celtic lands and identities: Global and local implications

Keynote speaker:

Frank Rennie
Professor of Sustainable Rural Development and Assistant Principal
Lews Castle College University of the Highlands Islands

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