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Our Centers

Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy is a research and training unit and a resource for government agencies and organizations that seek to improve policies, practices, and implementation of programs that support people affected by behavioral health disorders.

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Center for Child Well-being

Center for Child Well-being

The Center provides an integrated and comprehensive approach to the continuous improvement of permanency, safety and services to vulnerable children and families and to the optimal functioning of child welfare systems.

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Family Violence Center

The Family Violence Center is a non-partisan center that engages in research, public policy work, program evaluation, and education and training designed to eradicate family violence.

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Global Center for Applied Health Research

Global Center for Applied Health Research

Social dislocation adversely affects the well-being of children and youth in Mexico, Central America and other emerging economies which in turn affects the US.

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Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center

Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center

The Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center (SIRC) is an Exploratory Center of Excellence conducting transdisciplinary minority health and health disparities research, training and community outreach.

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Our Offices

Office of American Indian Projects

The Office of American Indian Projects (OAIP) was founded in 1977, based on the advocacy of the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, the Indian Health Services, the Navajo Nation, the Phoenix Indian Center, and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The purpose of OAIP is to develop the capacity of American Indian communities and programs.

Office of Office of Community Health, Engagement, and Resiliency

ASU’s Office of Community Health, Engagement, and Resiliency’s mission is to co-create interventions with communities that focus on inherent strengths and assets that promote resiliency, especially with underserved communities of color, and to create or strengthen pathways of opportunity for all people to achieve their full potential.

Office of the Distinguished Professor

This office highlights the exceptional work of professor Emilia Martinez-Brawley, specifically relating to social service delivery in rural areas, intercultural issues and different ways of understanding.

Office of Forensic Social Work Research and Training

The office of Forensic Social Work Research and Training was established to explore questions and issues related to the application of professional social work expertise to legal matters. Forensic social work is one of the fastest growing sub-specialties in the profession of social work. Broadly speaking, it refers to the various interactions between the fields of law and social work.

Office of Gender-based Violence

Together with community partners, grass-roots organizations, social workers, and survivors we aim to reimagine interventions for those affected by gender-based violence. We will accomplish our goals through academic research, community education and advocacy, and collaboration with community agency partners.

Office of Gerontological and Interprofessional Initiatives

The Office of Gerontological & Interprofessional Initiatives was established to support and promote the preparation of baccalaureate and graduate social workers for professional practice with older adults and their families.

Office of Global Social Work

The Office of Global Social Work was established to foster global connections and international relations by developing and sharing experiences and opportunities, good practices among social work practitioners, scholars, educators and students in a global environment, and provide an opportunity to engage in international collaborations to promote international social work practice, education and research.

Office of Latino Projects

The Office of Latino Projects is a social and economic justice resource center providing information, data and policy analysis about the growing Latino population in the U.S. and in the Southwest Border Communities for scholars, community agencies and advocates, public sector organization, foundations and think tanks.

Office of Offender Diversion and Sentencing Solutions

The Office of Offender Diversion and Sentencing Solutions (OODSS) promotes the use of scientific evidence in designing and evaluating sentencing policies and practices for pre-booking and post-booking diversion programs, pre-sentence and post-conviction proceedings, and offender reentry programs for adult and juvenile offenders.

Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research

The Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR) is a central source of research on domestic sex trafficking which will inform the decisions made by those who contact victims and perpetrators of sex trafficking including law enforcement and prosecutors, educators, medical services and social services. The STIR office is staffed by academics, researchers and law enforcement community research partners.

Southwest Collaborative on Immigration, Inequality and Poverty (SCIIP)

The Southwest Collaborative on Immigration, Inequality and Poverty (SCIIP) explores ways to serve as researchers in the community who are helping to build on community strengths while gathering information that can inform our understanding of immigration, poverty, social and economic inequality, social justice, human rights, globalization, social empathy, and the intersection of these issues.