Field Instructors

Field Instructors are professionally trained social workers employed by the affiliated social service agencies and are volunteers with the School of Social Work. They complete required certification training prior to hosting student interns at their agencies. Field instructors are committed to the professional development of new social workers, they use their time and expertise to mentor our students in their professional growth and development.

Criteria for Field Instructors

  • MSW with two years of post-graduate experience and LMSW preferred (not required).
  • For BSW supervision, a BSW with two years of post-graduate experience.
  • Employment at an agency for a minimum of six months prior to becoming a field instructor.
  • Completion of certification training – on-ground or online.

Expectations of Field Instructors

  • Complete the required field instructor training which includes an orientation to the School's curriculum and Field Education requirements.
  • Assist the student with the development of a learning contract and perfor­mance expectations.
  • Provide instruction on a regular basis and a supervi­sory con­ference, ordinarily one hour a week.
  • Develop specific practice opportunities which will enable the student to fulfill the expectation of the learning contract.
  • Provide feedback to student, on an ongoing basis, as to perfor­mance and skill acquisition.
  • Communicate to the student and to the field liaison about any unusual opportunities, conditions, or prob­lems as soon as they are evident.
  • Involve the student in the preparation of the student performance evaluations during the semester.


If you would like to be considered as a Field Instructor, please email your resume to