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2022: Reflexions on the Western tradition: What is it and does it matter?

Keynote Speakers: 
Penny Enslin
Andrew E. Barnes

Final Roatch and Haskell Program 2022 OCTOBER fINAL
Barnes Western Tradition
The Western tradition 7 oct 22 latest for lecture day

2019: Challenging current strategies of rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders. Reasons for looking at ‘Hope Theory’.

Keynote Speaker:

Alexander T Polgar, Ph. D
Management Consultant
Former faculty, University of Toronto

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2018: Indian Nations: Land, governance and economic development

Keynote speaker:

Robert Miller
Professor, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
Faculty Director, Rosette LLP American Indian Economic Development Program

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2016: The Solidarity Hypothesis and the Role of Immigration in the Future of the Social Welfare State

Keynote Speaker: 
Larry Nackerud
University of Georgia, U.S.
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2012: How do working families survive when breadwinners lose their jobs? An international comparison of income protection in case of unemployment

Keynote Speaker
Alison Koslowski
Co-director of research, School of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh, Scotland


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2011: Toward Equality in Our Schools: School Desegregation and Mexican Americans Rights

Keynote Speaker:
Philippa Strum

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2008: Challenges to Practice and Knowledge in Child Welfare Social Work: From the Social to the Informational?

Keynote Speaker:
Nigel Parton
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2005: Whose Children? The State of Child Welfare

Keynote Speaker: 
Richard Pugh
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2004: Services that Speak your Language: What kind of second language competency do social workers need? Experiences from Europe.

Keynote Speaker: 
Jacob Kornbeck
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2003: Grandparents as Primary Caretakers of Children

Keynote Speaker: 
Cristina Villalba Quesada
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2002: The Elderly Outside the Metropolis: Myths and Realities

Keynote Speaker: 
John Bryden
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2000: Seniors and Health Care Issues: What's on the Horizon