Office of Gender-Based Violence


  • What does an AmeriCorps VISTA member do?
    The AmeriCorps VISTA program's major focus is building capacity in the community, rather than providing direct service. This entails helping organizations streamline their processes to be more efficient and sustainable. As a result, AmeriCorps VISTA members in the Survivor Link program will aim to streamline and standardize screening of and response to IPV disclosure across diverse settings as well as assist with the transition of leaving an abusive relationship and finding safe, independent housing. An AmeriCorps VISTA member serves 365 days and receives a modest living stipend, as shown here. Contact Marina Jessop ( for more details.
  • What is the difference between a Survivor Link AmeriCorps term of service and a Survivor Link VISTA year of service?
    We use AmeriCorps members throughout the state to provide direct services in non-profit agencies. Direct service work trains AmeriCorps member to identify, collaborate, and intervene with individuals in the community impacted by domestic violence; AmeriCorps members focus on work with individuals. Typically our AmeriCorps members provide 450 hours of service and align their time with an academic internship. The VISTA year of service requires members commit to 365 days of service focused specifically on capacity building. When a VISTA member takes on a year of service they are assigned to one or more special projects that help community agencies grow their capacity for domestic violence services; VISTAs focus on building programs and most often are recent graduates.
  • Do I have to be an ASU student or alumni to participate?
    No. We do work with community members interested in National service and our VISTA positions are especially designed for those interested in a more intense service year. All potential applicants are welcome to contact the program and learn more.
  • What are the benefits for serving with VISTA?

         The following benefits are listed on the website:

  • Living Allowance 
    You receive a modest bi-weekly living allowance to cover basic expenses.

  • Professional Development Training
    You have the opportunity to attend in-person and virtual training to learn how to be a community development change agent.

  • Non-Competitive Eligibility
    AmeriCorps VISTA is the only AmeriCorps program that allows members to earn federal non-competitive eligibility, giving members an edge in the federal hiring process.

  • End of Service Award
    Members can choose between a Segal Education Award (valued at approximately $6,495) to pay for a range of education expenses or a $1,800 cash stipend.