Study Abroad

Why should you study abroad?

Academic benefits: Earn major, minor, or elective credits and gain a global perspective on your field of study while still graduating on time! When compared with students who stay on campus, study abroad students are 20% more likely to graduate.

Career benefits: Gain a sense of direction and purpose for your career! 85% of study abroad alumni say their experience helped them build skills for the job market like adaptability, effective communication, critical thinking, and decision making.

Personal benefits: Strengthen your personal identity, find new interests and passions, and meet people from around the world!  Study abroad students are better prepared to engage in our continually globalizing society.

Learn more about our Pathways to Global Social Work visit to Hermosillo, Mexico over spring break (March 5-12, 2023) and the experiences of students who attended in 2022. You also can visit the ASU Study Abroad website for more opportunities.

Support for this program comes from Office of Global Social Work (OGSW) and the Global Center for Applied Health Research (GCAHR).