The Office of Global Social Work (OGSW) resides in the School of Social Work. OGSW consolidates educational activities with a focus on building international relationships with student and faculty exchange programs.

The School of Social Work has expanded international initiatives with a renewed emphasis on global engagement, inclusion of international issues in research and education, and increasing enrollment of international students. Our programs engage students from ASU and International organizations and universities in activities and issues related to globalization. One of the main functions of the OGSW is to create opportunities to apply for and generate funding in the areas of research, education and exchanges related to international issues.

To engage in international collaborations to promote international social work practice, education and research.

To foster global connections and international relations by developing and sharing experiences and opportunities, good practices among social work practitioners, scholars, educators and students in a global environment.

To consolidate educational and research activities and create opportunities to build international relationships, student and faculty exchange programs, and engage students (including international students) in international activities and issues related to globalization.


  • establish international opportunities for faculty and students, including but not limited to collaborative research projects, international exchanges and study abroad programs/internships
  • further curriculum development
  • foster faculty and student engagement in the global environment

For more information and how to become involved contact:
Dr. David Androff, Director of the Office of Global Social Work