Office of Gender-Based Violence

Undergraduate certificate



This certificate brings together social work internship experiences and AmeriCorps volunteering with classroom learning from practitioners and researchers to prepare undergraduate social work students to intervene effectively in cases of domestic violence.  The students' internship settings will complement the experience with classroom learning about domestic violence, risk and safety assessment, and evidence-based practices.

Undergraduate Course Options

  • SWU 416 Domestic Violence Practicum
  • SWU 417: Technology, Intimate Relationships, and Abuse
  • SWU 494 Global Perspectives

BSW Example (Senior Year)



SWU 410 SW Practice II: Systems

SWU 432 Social Policy & Services

SWU 412 Field Instruction I

SWU 411 SW Practice III: Settings

SWU 413 Field Seminar

SWU 414 Field Instruction II

SWU 494 Domestic Violence Practicum*

SWU 415 Integrative Field Seminar


SWU 494 Global Perspectives*


SWU 494 Technology & Interpersonal Relationships*


Classes above would count toward the student's 15 credit hours of approved DV certificate classes. All students are encouraged to take the Domestic Violence Practicum to coincide with the start of their internship. To complete the certificate, undergraduate students would need to enroll in approved field placement, the domestic violence practicum class, and one additional approved elective.

*Potential BSW Selective