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Survivor Link aims to build networks of support by placing domestic violence (DV) advocates across the state of Arizona. Through our diverse set of AmeriCorps Healthy Relationships, Public Health and  VISTA service opportunities, Survivor Link can build capacity to promote healthy relationships and reduce gender-based violence in our community and across the nation. 


Who we are

Survivor Link is a team of ASU educators, students, faculty members, and community volunteers who work under the guidance of the AmeriCorps mission "to strengthen communities and build leaders through team-based national and community service." 


What we do

Survivor Link takes a multi-pronged approach to end the epidemic of domestic violence, through providing direct services to domestic violence survivors, building capacity in organizations that serve survivors, conducting research to better meet the needs of survivors, promoting healthy relationships and domestic violence prevention in the community. Survivor Link aims to accomplish this goal through its Healthy Relationships, Public Health programs and AmeriCorps VISTA service opportunities.


Who we work with

Survivor Link greatly depends on and appreciates its community partners. Our members are hosted by our diverse set of community partners, to ensure survivors are accessing services across Arizona and to promote healthy relationships among those at-risk of experiencing domestic violence. We serve in schools, shelters, residential programs, hospitals, universities, and community centers. We also partner with various universities throughout the U.S. to place members to build capacity in their community.