Family Violence Center


ACASI Offers:

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Intensive Case Management and Advocacy

ACASI responds to survivors’ IPV-Related experiences and needs as they present and evolve in context. We explore and listen to victims’ stories, help identify priorities and develop client-driven service plans. We help victims navigate the complex criminal justice system by providing information on victims’ rights, assisting with access to victim compensation, and accompanying them to court. We also provide advocacy and help our clients access resources and pro bono legal representation for immigration, custody, adoption, guardianship, and dependency court actions.

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Trauma Therapy

Our contracted mental health providers (MHPs) and qualified staff provide specialized trauma therapy to child IPV survivors and their caregivers to address the trauma and traumatic loss they experience. ACASI is committed to ensuring our clients have access to therapy in a timely manner and that the contracted therapists are trained and supported in treating complex grief. Treatment plans include evidence-based interventions that address the dysregulating effects of trauma. Our therapists help victims regain their sense of safety and control, provide tools and techniques to support healthy attachment and improve family dynamics, and seek to improve our client’s overall health and wellness.


Specialized Services

ACASI has developed several services that support clients in unique ways.

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Telehealth ACASI can provide tablets, data, and an internet security system to make sure clients can access the services they need. Our clients use tablets for meeting with ACASI staff, therapy sessions, peer support groups, educational programs and activities (online classroom, teaching, school websites), and finding information, services, and resources.

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Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program Trained mentors dedicate time with ACASI clients in fun and supportive ways.

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Healing Lands Project

We collaborate with Grand Canyon Youth to provide opportunities for healing and peer support through therapeutic outdoor adventures.