Child Welfare Education Program (CWEP)

Selection process

The selection process proceeds as follows:

  1. Students' applications, essays, resumes, and applications from the School of Social Work & Graduate College (if applicable) are reviewed by a committee consisting of CWEP staff. 
  2. Those who pass the initial application record review are provided with instructions to complete the screening process consisting of submitting four forms, a fingerprint clearance card or application for one, and their driving record. 
  3. Those who pass the background screening process are invited to be interviewed by a DCS committee and given an impromptu writing exercise at the interview.
  4. Acceptance or denial letters are emailed to all students who applied.

The selection process can take two to three months. Please note, however, all students will be notified of their status prior to the semester for which they applied for entry into the CWEP.

The record review of applicants is primarily based on whether or not the committee feels that the student would be a good fit as an employee at DCS and can complete the program in a timely manner. Selection criteria include but are not limited to:

  1. Evidence of a desire to work in child welfare, specifically at the Department of Child Safety; and of the ability to be a good fit as a DCS Specialist.  
  2. Evidence that the student has been admitted to ASU’s School of Social Work and is capable of completing the program (BSW or MSW) in a timely manner.
  3. Evidence that the student understands the requirements of the work commitment and is willing and able to work at the Arizona Department of Child Safety for the contracted time upon graduation.
  4. Evidence that the student is willing and able to work with parents who have abused or neglected their children.
  5. Evidence that the student has strategies to manage biases, an intense workload, and a high degree of stress. 
  6. Evidence of writing competency as assessed through the personal statement and resume.
  7. Evidence of organizational skills and ability to follow instructions as assessed by the thoroughness of the submitted application.