Smiling Eyes

Since the start of Arizona’s resettlement program in 1980, more than 62,000 refugees from 109 different countries have made Arizona their home with 80% resettled in Maricopa County. Smiling Eyes Project was created out of a refugee community need for dental and vision care. Interns from the ASU’s School of Social Work, Office of Global Social Work, conducted the dental and vision needs assessment surveying refugee community leaders, and professional working with refugees.  Based on the outcomes, the Smiling Eyes program has been designed by working with community leaders, resettlement agencies, dentists, and dental hygienists to address the gap in healthcare needs of the refugee community. It is a collaboration between RICE, (name of Collet organization), and Mid-Western University.  This community lead dental clinic is established in the heart of the refugee community in Phoenix and is designed to serve 100 refugee clients monthly. 

Team members:

Clinton Reiswig
Jesus Gonzalez