MOSAIC International Connections

Mosaic International Connections is a student organization under the umbrella of the Office of Global Social Work, which is focused on discussing international topics and aims to inform students about global issues and different cultures, as well as allow engage international students in social and academic events offered by club. We have lectures throughout the semester on various topics of interest as well as events that celebrate other cultures and help students get to know each other. International students are encouraged to join. However, you do not need to be an international student to be part of the organization. This student organization attempts to bridge the gap between international students and American students. This student organization was created by request from international students at the Downtown campus to attend to the gap in the events and support that catered to international students at the Downtown campus. Since then, the mission of the organization expended to provide a space for all students interested in global issues to have a voice and learn about different cultures in creative and fun ways. Interns from the ASU’s School of Social Work, Office of Global Social Work are working on developing a sustainability plan for the organization, so there is no gap in services and events during the change in a leadership as students are graduating and moving forward into their professional endeavors. 

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