Refugee Health Video Project

ASU’s School of Social Work, Office of Global Social Work is part of a partnership with Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program, International Rescue Committee’s Refugee Resettlement Program, and Dignity Health’s St. Joseph’s Medical Center to study refugee access to health care. This collaboration has extended to involve a videographer from the School of Sustainability to create a series of short orientation videos explaining how to navigate the U.S. health care system. These short videos will be made available to resettlement agencies and health care organizations in the area, and on YouTube, so individuals can access them freely. The Refugee Immigrant Center for Empowerment (RICE), the Ethnic Community Based Organization in Phoenix is invited to this collaboration and helping with recruitment of refugees to play parts in the videos production.  Funding for this series is provided by ECOmedia, a CBS Company that supports projects run by American nonprofit organizations.


Team members:

Arina Melkozernova
Florina Lutfiu 
Elizabeth Mody
Nancy Diaz 
Clinton Reiswig