Peace and Sustainability Clubs in Nepal

In collaboration with the Global Network of Sustainable Development (GNSD), Arizona State University interns at the Office of Global Social Work (OGSW) visited Nepal for one month’s time in order to assist in the creation and maintenance of GNSD Peace and Sustainability Clubs in middle schools. The purpose of the clubs is to create a space for students to think critically about concepts such as sustainable development, environmental stewardship, civic leadership, equitable governance, and democratic constitutionalism. Students then take their analysis of such ideas outside the classroom by engaging the community in projects that demonstrate their developing skills such as campaigns for female equity, proper trash disposal, civic engagement, and so on.

Prior to leaving for Nepal OGSW interns also visited with several complimentary high school clubs that are in the Phoenix area. In addition to the creation of clubs in Nepal, one of the goals of this ongoing collaboration is to connect clubs in Nepal with the clubs in the United States in order to establish the foundation for more intimate cross cultural experiences in the future such as opportunities for exchange students. The collaboration between GNSD and ASU’s OGSW will continue, as new OGSW interns will have the opportunity to return to Nepal to work alongside GNSD staff and Nepali young people to contribute where former interns left off.  OGSW interns have also maximized this opportunity by seeking other partnership once on the ground in the Nepali community such as with the local college Social Work program, orphanages and the Youth Parliament of Nepal. 


Team members:
Megan McDermott

Alissa Heyer