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The Survivor Link AmeriCorps program educates, trains and certifies ASU students to become domestic violence advocates in the community. Through supervised internship experiences at community partner sites, students will receive academic credit and scholarship funds.

AmeriCorps Member Commitments

  • 300-675 hours of internship experience
  • Provide specialized advocacy/case management
  • Implement evidence-based interventions for domestic and sexual violence survivors
  • Enroll in ASU Victim Advocate course
  • Maintain AmeriCorps standards
  • Participate in National Days of Service

AmeriCorps members receive a cash scholarship and the Segal Education Award ranging from $1,950-$6,200.

We are proud to highlight the success of this program over the past five years. The Survivor Link program has provided $1 million dollars in scholarships, trained and placed over 400 student interns committing to over 100,000 hours of community service. Our program has also educated over 400 ASU partners and community organizations about safety planning for intimate partner violence using the online safety planning tool, myPlan app.