Field Education

Internship Placement

Field Education is offered concurrently with academic study.  Students complete an internship placement in a social service agency under the guidance and supervision of an experienced professional social worker called a Field Instructor.  This vital interaction is designed to reinforce our students’ academic study with real-life experience.  It permits testing theory in practice settings and provides students with field experience that is vital for academic and professional development.  

Field Instructors are professional social workers who are employed by the affiliated social service agencies where the students complete their internship (field) placements.  Field instructors are School of Social Work volunteers.  They complete required certification training prior to hosting student interns at their agencies.  Field Instructors are committed to the professional development of new social workers and devote their time and expertise to our students’ professional development.

Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) students complete one field placement for the academic year (two consecutive semesters). Master of Social Work (MSW) students complete their first academic year ("foundation" year) in one field placement, and their second academic year ("concentration" year) at an agency that is specific to the student's area of interest in Advanced Direct Practice (ADP), Policy, Administration and Community Practice (PAC) or Advanced Generalist (AG). Our School of Social Work faculty and staff are committed to establishing the capabilities necessary for high-quality social work practice.

Our School of Social Work mission is to prepare social work practitioners who are committed to social justice and to serving and empowering individuals, families and communities.  Our School contributes to the development and dissemination of social work knowledge and skills, and affirms professional values and ethics.  Our School emphasizes understanding and respect for the unique social, political and cultural diversity of the Southwest.

Please review our Field Education Manual

Cynthia Peters
Manager of Field Education

Diana Jimenez-Young
Tucson Field Education Coordinator
Diana Jimenez-Young
520-884-5507 x 2060

Patricia Bishop
Field Education Specialist

Tanya Burgess
Field Education Specialist

Lisa Cavazos-Barrett
Field Education Specialist/Medical Placement Coordinator

Melissa Heller
Field Education Specialist

Amber Maiberger
Field Education Specialist

Betsy Mardany
Field Education Specialist

Linda Porter
Field Education Specialist

Elizabeth Hayward
Field Education Data Analyst