Our Mission Statement

Current Mission Statement

The ASU School of Social Work prepares social work practitioners committed to social justice and to serving and empowering communities. It contributes to the development and dissemination of social work knowledge and skills, and affirms professional values and ethics. The school emphasizes understanding and respect for the unique social, political and cultural diversity of the Southwest.


New Mission Statement

The school's faculty have developed the following new mission statement that will be implemented in the coming academic year.

Within an innovative public research university, the ASU School of Social Work prepares social work practitioners, researchers and advocates to lead positive change in the Southwest, nationally and globally.

We provide broad access to high-quality social work education, promote an inclusive learning community, conduct community-engaged and action-oriented research, and serve communities to advance social justice. Our school is dedicated to the principles of equity, inclusion, anti-colonialism, anti-oppression and anti-racism.