Office of Gerontological and Interprofessional Initiatives (OGII)

The Office of Gerontological and Interprofessional Initiatives (OGII) is dedicated to advancing knowledge and promoting best practices in the field of aging.  Through participatory research, innovative projects, community engagement, and workforce development we collectively contribute to the well-being of older adults, family members, and caregivers.  

Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology


The Arizona State University (ASU) School of Social Work and the University of Arizona (UA) Center on Aging offer a joint 9 credit Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. The certificate is designed to enhance the knowledge and competence of graduate students and professionals who want to work more effectively with, and on behalf of, older adults in a variety of roles and contexts of practice. Courses are available entirely via the Internet. Disciplines include, but are not limited to, social work, nursing, medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, law, public health, counseling, pharmacy, public administration, audiology, and recreation therapy. 


Applicants may begin the certificate in the fall or spring semester and may select nine (9) credits from the following options:

SWG 570/AgingA Biopsychosocialspiritual Perspective              3 credits (ASU Internet/fall semester)


SWG 571/Mental Health Aspects of Aging                                       3 credits (ASU Internet/spring semester)


SWG 573/Policies to Promote Healthy Aging                                    3 credits (ASU Internet/fall semester)


SWG 591/Aging in Context*                                                                   3 credits (ASU Internet/spring semester)


NOTE:  Students concurrently pursuing an MSW degree and Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology may substitute SWG 541/542, SWG 641/642, SWG 643/644, or SWG 645/646 for a maximum of 3 credits if completed in an approved aging setting arranged through the ASU School of Social Work’s Field Education Collaborative.


*Cross-listed courses must be completed at the graduate (SWG) level and may not be retaken if completed at the undergraduate level.

Certificate application procedure
Submit the following materials as a completed application packet:

Mail your completed certificate application packet to the address below or drop it off at Academic Services (UCENT 8th floor):


ATTN: Academic Services
School of Social Work
Arizona State University
411 N Central Avenue, Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85004-0689


enrolled degree-seeking students

If you are currently enrolled as a graduate degree-seeking student at ASU and are interested in applying, please contact (Subject: Gerontology) or call 602-496-0800.

non-degree students

If you are not currently enrolled as a graduate student at ASU, go to Non-Degree Graduate Status. See Graduate Admission site for Application Fee.  Tuition for ASU courses will be calculated based upon ASU's resident (for Arizona residents) or non-resident (for non-Arizona residents) Graduate Tuition Rate. Continuous registration is required while completing the certificate.



The Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life is a means for individuals to honor the life and legacy of their elders, including loved ones, mentors, teachers, and other elders who have left an impact on their lives. A charitable gift can be made by clicking on the gold leaf of the tree. 

All donations made through the Tree of Life will support the ASU Gerontological Social Work Scholarship endowment.


The endowed scholarship was established by Dr. Teri Kennedy, in honor of her late parents, Stanley & Bernadine Knutson, and grandparents, Albert & Emma (Spurr) Berg and Selmer & Myrtle (Hyland) Knutson; in respect for older adults; and in recognition of the critical need for social workers prepared to address the service delivery and policy needs of an aging population.

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