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2021 ASU President's Medal for Social Embeddedness Recipient



ASU’s Office of Community Health, Engagement, and Resiliency’s (ASU OCHER) mission is to co-create interventions with communities that focus on inherent strengths and assets that promote resiliency, especially with underserved communities of color, and to create or strengthen pathways of opportunity for all people to achieve their full potential.


As such, we are deeply embedded in communities to promote health, well-being, and resiliency hand-in-hand with our community partners. Our work aims to build community capacity and solve complex social problems through partnership in order that we are all stronger, communities are empowered, and together we achieve positive social change. 
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A timeline of history from an Indigenous perspective focusing on how historical events still impact American Indian communities today and access to education.

Turquoise Skye Devereaux, MSW
Turquoise is part of the Salish and Blackfeet tribes of Montana. She is currently the Lead Consultant of IndigenousCC and the founder of Indigenous Skye, LLC where she has facilitated trainings and implemented programing on trauma-informed approaches to support Indigenous identity revitalization in educational and community settings. Turquoise earned her Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Montana, her Master of Social Work at Arizona State University, and is a current doctoral student in the ASU Social Work PhD Program.


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