Graduate certificate

This certificate brings together social work internship experiences and AmeriCorps volunteering with classroom learning from practitioners and researchers to prepare graduate social work students to intervene effectively in cases of domestic violence.  The students' internship settings will complement the experience with classroom learning about domestic violence, risk and safety assessment, and evidence-based practices.

The certificate requires an approved internship (6 credits), the domestic violence practicum course (3), Practice Oriented Research (3), and one approved elective course (3) totaling 15 credits. For full time MSW students, they may choose to take 533 or 501 online to avoid having 18 credit hours in the fall when the Domestic Violence Practicum course is offered.

MSW Full Time (Foundation Year)



SWG 501 Micro Hmn Beh Soc Ev

SWG 502 Macro Hmn Beh Soc Ev

SWG 510 Foundation Practice I

SWG 511 Foundation Practice II

SWG 531 Social Policy/Serv

SWG 519 Research Methods in Soc Wk

SWG 541 Field Practicum I

SWG 542 Field Practicum II

SWG 533 Div & Oppression SW Context

SWG Macro Social Work Practice

SWG 598 Domestic Violence Practicum


Concentration Year Advanced Direct Practice



SWG 608 or SWG 603

SWG 617 or 604 or 613 or 609

SWG 606 Assessment of Mental Disorders

SWG 621 Integrative Seminar

SWG 619 Practice- Oriented Research

SWG 642 Advanced Practicum/DP II

SWG 641 Adv Practicum/DP I



SWG 598 Dating Violence & Adolescents OR SWG 661 Assessment & Domestic Violence


Concentration Year PAC



SWG 623 Program Evaluation

SWG 632 Policy Practice

SWG 685 Program Plng Soc Serv

SWG 681 Social Work Administration

SWG 643 Adv Practicum/PAC I

SWG 682 Com Participation Strategies

SWG 661 Gender Based Violence Movement: Local & National Programs

SWG 644 Adv Practicum/PAC II