Domestic Violence Certificate

The Domestic Violence Certificate is offered through the School of Social Work and is available for all ASU undergraduate and graduate students interested in gaining expertise specific to domestic and sexual violence evidence-based interventions. The curriculum for the certificate is designed to be complementary to social work elective courses and the AmeriCorps program. All students are required to provide service in the community to learn about best practices for service delivery in real-world settings. The certificate provides both academic and practical expertise in domestic and sexual violence advocacy.

Outcomes obtained by students:

  • Connecting community partners to evidence-based interventions and care for domestic violence survivors

  • Real-world impact by delivering service to a non-profit organization

  • Creating a statewide network of domestic and sexual violence advocates

  • Bringing domestic and sexual violence expertise into all social service programs

Admissions Criteria

  • Domestic Violence foundation course (SWU 416 / SWG 545) 

  • Complete 300 hours (minimum) of service as an intern at an approved site

  • Complete two special domestic violence electives

  • Accumulate 15 credit hours and enroll with the DV certificate coordinator

9 credits DV elective

6 credits internship experience

15 credits total