Shreveport Community-Based Crime Reduction • Publications & Resources

ASU OCHER is the research partner for the Community Based Crime Reduction (CBCR) initiative in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Shreveport CBCR Project is working toward building a neighborhood that is safe, healthy, vibrant and thriving where residents, law enforcement officers and community partners work collectively to ensure every child, youth and adult has the opportunity to maximize their life outcomes. To achieve that vision, Shreveport CBCR has four goals: 1) Positively influence factors that foster social disorganization and drivers of crime, and integrate crime control, public safety and prevention efforts with housing, education, health and economic development strategies of the Shreveport Choice Neighborhood; 2) Effectively use data and research to examine the drivers of crime around hot spots, assess community members’ perceptions of crime, guide the development of innovative and effective strategies, and evaluate implementation to guide future programming and assess effectiveness; 3) Increase community engagement and empower residents as leaders in shaping crime prevention and revitalization efforts by building collective efficacy, social cohesion and trusting relationships between residents, law enforcement and cross-sector partners; 4) Build capacity of residents, partners and City leadership to address and prevent crime, and to promote sustainable collaboration through a collective impact framework with cross-sector partners to tackle problems from multiple angles with a multitude of leveraged and aligned resources.

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 Shreveport Community Based Crime Reduction