Nadia Roubicek

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Nadia Roubicek, BA is the Program Manager for the Tucson Community Based Crime Reduction initiative in OCHER. She has a BA in Sociology from the University of Arizona and is currently studying to receive her Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. Nadia has spent her career working in grass-roots community organizing, community-driven social work, program planning and evaluation, coalition building, education and outreach. She has worked with the Tucson community for over a decade to help community members advocate for and gain access to information and resources about safety, community building, food security, mental health and sexuality education. Currently, Nadia works closely with law enforcement and first responders to reduce crime, improve safety and better connect community, governments and residents to each other and the first responders they rely on. Personally, and professionally, Nadia has spent many years learning how powerful a tool mindfulness and meditation can be to help individuals and communities heal and grow in positive ways and she hopes to integrate this, along with resiliency and trauma-informed approaches, into the social work she continues to do with a diverse set of communities and populations across Pima County and beyond.