Social Work PhD Students

Michela Bou Ghosn
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  • Mental health prevention
  • Lived experience of depression
  • Recovery perspective
  • Latino(a) emotional well-being
Ann Carver
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  • Adoption and foster care practice outcomes
  • Foster care and adoption policy and program evaluation
  • Simulation and gaming for culturally competent social work
  • Racial disparities and social justice
  • Public speaking and cross-cultural communication
Justine Cheung
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  • Students from foster care in post-secondary education
  • Developing supportive university programming for students from foster care
  • Mental health recovery
  • Child and family resilience
Renee Garbe
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  • Gerontology 
  • Healthcare disparities 
  • Social support 
  • Social networks 
  • Intervention research 
Mónica Gutierrez
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  • Application of lean and six sigma techniques in social work service delivery and research
  • Factors and strategies for engaging fathers in child protection services
  • Community-based participatory research
Hilary Haseley
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  • Child welfare
  • Stability in the ecological group home environment
  • Identifying unique characteristics of group home staff
  • Congregate care settings
  • The Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Guardian ad litem social work
Kimberly Hogan
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  • Sex trafficking intervention research
  • Homeless and runaway youth
  • LGBTQ youth and young adults
Andrea Kappas
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  • Intimate partner violence 
  • Integrative health 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Health disparities 
  • Evidence-based practice
Cara Kelly
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  • Child maltreatment prevention and intervention
  • Child protective service risk and safety assessments
  • Predictive analytics in child welfare practice
  • Trauma informed care
  • Outcome measurements for children and family services
  • Quantitative methodology
Elizabeth Kiehne
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  • Intergroup relations
  • Impact of socio-political environment on immigrants
  • Attitudes toward immigrants
  • Unauthorized Latino immigration
  • Positive intergroup contact
  • White racial identity