Integrative Health Certificate (IHI) Graduate courses

SWG 655: Mindfulness & Quality of Life (link to syllabus)

 This course will introduce students to the core elements of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a personal mindfulness practice. Areas to be covered include evidence based research on nutrition, mindfulness, communication, positive thinking, and exercise, environmental factors contributing to wellness and disease, immune system support, time management and developing practices that facilitate living in balance. 


SWG 656: Treating the Whole Person (link to syllabus)

This course weaves a journey that begins with the importance of forming deep and authentic relationship with clients to advancing your skills in formulating a psychosocial assessment and introducing key concepts found in Positive Psychology as an integrated approach that encompasses body, mind, and spirit in treating the whole person. This new lens considers the neuroscience behind mindfulness, cognition, psychological, societal and environmental factors that foster optimal personal health, client empowerment and prevention in lieu of a deficit symptom focused approach. The complete human condition is viewed through an ecological model that utilizes all available resources from the clients own resilience to the environment in developing long term prevention tools to sustain change that takes into account multicultural practice and client preferences. A core element of the course emphasizes the development of advanced communication skills (The Art of the Question) that open clients to new possibilities and solutions within the context of a collaborative interdisciplinary model. 


SWU450: Mastering Mindfulness 

This capstone course focuses on the student's integration of mindfulness using the Mindful MAC guide. Students will increase their formal mindfulness practice, explore literature, demonstrate proficiency of their practice in the classroom and have a culminating experience of teaching mindfulness outside of the classroom.


SWG 657: Holistic Therapies for Modern Living (link to syllabus)

This course offers a student the opportunity to learn the historical development and research of the ancient healing teachings of Traditional Chinse Medicine, Ayurveda Medicine, Homeopathic Naturopathic and Indigenous Medicine and how they are used in today's health care systems. 


Certificate of completion: The three core courses (SWG 655, 656, 450) and a final culminating project are required in addition to any 2 additional Transdisciplinary Electives (6 credit hours) from this list (note: not all of these courses are offered every semester):

 Approved Transdisciplinary Electives (6 credit hours)

HSC 440:  Health Coaching Concepts and skills

HCD 510:  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles

HCI 538:    Innovation and the Individual (I-course)

EXW 540:  Mindfulness, Stress and Health

NTR 551:   Geriatric Nursing (I-course)

SWG 572:  Interprofessional Approaches to Healthy Aging

SWG 573:  Policies to Promote Healthy Aging

SWG 579:  Critical Stress Management f/f and O-line)

SST 591:    Transformational Leadership & Embodied Activism

SWG 591: Spiritual assessment

SOS 594:   Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness

DSC 598:   Mindfulness Fundamentals

CMN 598: Forgiveness, Mindfulness & the Healthy Self

SOS 598:   Cultural perspective on science and sustainability

EXW 598:  Aging and Lifestyle Behaviors (I/hybrid)

SOS 598:   Communicating about Sustainability

SWG 599:  Spirituality and the Helping Profession

SWG 657:  Ancient Healing for Modern living 

SWG 661:  Cognitive Behavior therapy

DNP 682:   Geriatric Health Promotion

PSY 780:    Mindfulness

LAW 791:  Mindfulness and the Law