Dominique Roe-Sepowitz
Director, Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR) & Associate Professor
School of Social Work

Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, MSW, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Social Work at Arizona State University.  She received her MSW from the Tucson ASU campus and her Ph.D. from Florida State University.  Dominique has extensive clinical experience working with sexually abused children and adults and has been trained on trauma reduction techniques including EMDR.  Dominique has worked as a private practitioner as well as provided a psychoeducation group to women in many settings (prisons, residential programs, women's resource center and diversion program).  Dominique is currently providing the group (named Esuba) at the Prostitution Diversion Program and supervising an Esuba group at a residential treatment program for adolescent girls who have been sexually exploited.  Dominique has published numerous articles about mental health and delinquency, prostitution and exiting challenges, and the mental health needs of women and youth in the correctional system.  She has presented nationally at Social Work and Criminology conferences as well as the Toledo Conference on Prostitution and Sex Trafficking.  Dominique is a original board member of the National Research Consortium on Commercial Sexual Exploitation.  Dominique enjoys mentoring students and has a number of apprentice opportunities for clinical experience as well for research assistantships.  She has recently worked with a number of local city and social service agencies to provide an arrest-alternative entitled Project ROSE (Reaching Out to the Sexually Exploited). 

Download CV: roe-sepowitz_cv_january_2016online1.pdf


  • Human sex trafficking with juveniles and adults
  • Juvenile delinquency and homicide, arson and domestic violence
  • Mental health treatment with juveniles and adults addressing trauma symptoms and self-esteem
  • Incarcerated women and youth and their traumatic experiences
  • PTSD, self harm/self mutilation
  • Developing new and innovative programs to address the mental health needs of at-risk women