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Undergraduate degree programs

Social Work, BSW

Location(s): Phoenix, West, Tucson 

Social work is a profession devoted to helping people function as well as they can with their environments. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) graduates are entry-level generalist social work professionals who provide services to individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities. The BSW level practitioner is seen as a generalist with certain areas of special expertise. Graduates work in public and private social service agencies that provide such services as medical, psychiatric, and financial assistance to persons of all ages, from infants to elders in society. The curriculum focuses on such roles as advocacy, referral, casework and problem solving functions. In addition, a major thrust and identity of the program is to prepare graduates for case management positions, a strongly emerging trend in Arizona and other states. This program is one of the two in Arizona fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Community Advocacy & Social Policy, BA

Location(s): Phoenix, Online

The BA in community advocacy and social policy focuses on advocacy strategies by exploring, analyzing and comparing social service systems and policies in-depth and from an empowerment perspective. Emphasis will be on examining the needs of individuals, families and communities that have been historically underserved. Policy analysis and social change will be critical themes in developing an advocacy knowledge base, as are the equally important themes of prevention and social well-being. Students complete courses in two core areas --- diversity and oppressed populations, and social issues and interventions.

Graduate degree programs

Social Work, MSW

Location(s): Phoenix, Tucson, and Online

Dual degrees with Juris Doctor and Masters of Public Administration available

The Master of Social Work Program (MSW) prepares professional social work practitioners for advanced direct practice or planning, administration, and community practice, each with a special emphasis on populations of the Southwest.  In addition all students in the advanced direct practice concentration select one of the following specializations: children, youth, and family; health/behavioral health with adults, or public child welfare. The MSW program is the only Council on Social Work Education-accredited program in the State of Arizona. 

Social Work Ph.D. 

Location: Phoenix

Doctorate of Social Work (Ph.D) students develop scholarly competencies that are tailored to their individual interests under the guidance of their graduate supervisory committee (developed by the student after the first year). The program offers Ph.D. students a state-of-the-art education at a research intensive university that includes opportunities to study with renowned social work scholars, an active involvement in both teaching and research, and an interdisciplinary perspective that includes courses both within social work and in other disciplines.

Graduate certificate programs  

Assessment of Integrative Health Modalities Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate Assessment of Integrative Health Modalities will focus on integrative health, the current term used by practitioners in the field who feel strongly that treating the "whole person-body, mind and spiritual" is the route to the highest quality of health. This certificate will provide students with extensive knowledge of integrative health practices through directed readings in evidenced-based journal articles, expert lectures from community health professionals and ASU faculty drawn from across disciplines, a mindfulness in-class practice and class interaction and a culminating experience of research/applied project which can enhance the quality and effectiveness of treating clients holistically.

Criminal Sentencing and Advocacy Graduate Certificate

Social workers and other criminal justice professionals perform a number of roles in the disposition and sentencing of various offenders and in the provision of services to victims. The certificate provides social workers with the kinds of knowledge and skills required to practice as mitigation specialists. This is a burgeoning area of practice in the field of social work. It also provides criminal justice majors with exposure to classes on topics dealing with treatment alternatives and mental health concerns that are not currently available to students in many traditional criminal justice programs.  The Office of Offender Diversion and Sentencing Solutions provides this online graduate certificate taught by faculty from teh School of Social Work and the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice both located within the ASU Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions.

Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

The School of Social Work (SSW) and the University of Arizona (U of A) offer a joint, 9-credit Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology through the U of A Center on Aging. The certificate is designed to enhance the disciplinary competence of graduate students and professionals who want to work more effectively with older adults in a variety of settings. Courses are available entirely on-line, with an optional internship, in an approved aging setting in the community. Disciplines include but are not limited to social work, nursing, medicine, law, public health, counseling, pharmacy, and public administration.  ASU Social Work students can visit the Office of Gerentological and Interpersonal Initiatives for additional information.

Interprofessional Healthy Aging Graduate Certificate

ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CONHI) and School of Social Work (SSW) offer a joint 18 credit Interprofessional Healthy Aging Certificate. Courses are available entirely on-line. Applicants may begin the certificate during any semester.

The certificate is designed to prepare Master’s and Doctoral-level health professions students and community health and social service professionals including physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, dietitian nutritionists, physicians’ assistants, and related disciplines to address healthy aging, with a focus on prevention and early intervention to improve the health, behavioral health, and quality of life of older adults and their family caregivers.  Social Work students can visit the Office of Gerentological and Interpersonal Initiatives for additional information.

Latino Cultural Competency Graduate Certificate

The United States is the fifth largest Spanish speaking country in the world and continues to rapidly expand its Latino population. By 2010, one of every four U.S. resident will be Spanish Speaking.  Currently, in the greater United States over 18 million persons speak Spanish at home.   The School of Social Work and the Office of Latino Projects offers Latino oriented courses with an emphasis on Spanish language development for professional social workers.  

The goal of the program is to enhance a social work professional's capacity for engaging in culturally grounded practice with Latino clients and their families. The program is intended for professionals who want to learn the following: the social/cultural context and theoretical principles of social work practice with Latinos; critical cross-cultural factors that influence a worker's competency in forming professional helping relationship with Latinos; social service delivery issues involved in providing services for bilingual, and limited or non-English speaking Latino population; and expand their employment potential by adding an expertise in professional services with Latinos.

Program Evaluation Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation provides students with a basic grounding in the applied and conceptual tools of conducting evaluation research. It is appropriate for professionals who are interested in learning more about program evaluation but do not prefer to do an entire master degree such as the Master of Science in Program Evaluation.  This certificate program provides those in the government, nonprofit and private sectors with the necessary skills to implement evaluations. The certificate is a college-wide program in which all of the Schools in the College of Public Programs participate.

Trauma and Bereavement Graduate Certificate

The Certificate in Trauma and Bereavement (CTB) program will better prepare individuals to work in the field of death and dying, trauma, and bereavement in clinical, organizational, and administrative settings.  CBT will enhance knowledge about grief responses and the effects of trauma, provide opportunities for students to research an often under-explored topic, and help transform the sociopolitical management of grief, traumatic losses, and end of life issues in contemporary society.