Collaborations with International Academic Partners

All academic collaborations work to develop joint accelerated MSW programs with faculty and student exchange to raise the visibility of the field of global social work around the world.

University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS), Poland


Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work, India https://www.mgu.ac.in/
University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia http://www.ui.ac.id/
Bandung College of Social Welfare, Bandung, Indonesia www.stks.ac.id


Guangxi University (GXU), China and the MSW Accelerated Program http://gjy.gxu.edu.cn/en/admission/view-programs.html
Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) initiatives https://www.cswe.org/Centers-Initiatives/Centers/International-KAKI/News/Collaboration-With-Social-Work-Schools-in-Central


Kenyatta University Centre for Refugee Studies and Empowerment, Nairobi, Kenya http://www.ku.ac.ke/crse/
University of Nairobi, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Kenya http://sociology.uonbi.ac.ke/


Collaborations with International and Social Work Organizations


This venture develops internships, immersion programs, and short faculty lead programs for PAC students in different countries. It further entails the implementation, of a Social Entrepreneurship program for Somali youth via partner organization in Somalia. In addition students can design joint curriculum on Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development on a global level. Future endeavors include the opening of two Refugee Centers.


This organization will be housed in the Office of Global Social Work (OGSW).

Within UCP-Sarnet students can coordinate global activities, for partnerships, higher education, and community and social development. Local projects in Arizona are also featured.  In addition this project supports EmPeace Labs and related UCP-SARnet projects

Council on Social Work Education

This organization aims at advancing human rights in social work education.

Society for Social Work and Research 

This organization promotes global social work and human rights in social work research.

International Consortium for Social Development

This organization promotes global social development and foster international collaborations.  

Social Pedagogy Association

This association’s brings together practitioners, academics, students and others to exchange experiences and to share knowledge and resources about social pedagogy theory, research and practice.

Collaborations with ASU units and offices

Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This office builds support and access to ASU’s resources for social Entrepreneurship programs for refuges.

Thunderbird School of Global Management and Thunderbird for Good

The purpose of this collaboration is to build support for social entrepreneurship programs for refugees among Thunderbird faculty and students

English and Linguistics Department

This program is designed to support refugees in the areas of language and education.

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

This project is to support refugee youth in the area of education.

Global Institute for Sustainability

To build support for the OGSW refugee projects through sustainable related initiatives for the School of Social Work.

YALI  Mandela Washington Fellowship, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

To educate and build connections with young African leaders.

YALI Regional Leadership Center in Nairobi, Kenya, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

The purpose is to educate and build connections with young African leaders.

 Center for Law and Global Affairs, School of Law 

This collaboration is to promote global social development and foster international collaborations across disciplines.

Southwest Collaborative on Immigration, Inequality, and Poverty (SCIIP)

The purpose of this collaborative is to promote research and practice with immigrant populations in the Southwest

School of Social Transformation

To build curricula linkages in the area of global social work

Opportunities and Exchanges for Students

Study Abroad Programs

To develop international study travel opportunities for students on global topics and in global settings.

 USAID Global Development Lab Research & Innovation Fellowship program

To develop international research travel opportunities for students

International Internships

To provide field education opportunities in a global setting

International Student Organizations (New American Youth Initiative)

To support and organize students on global issues

International Student Organizations (MOSIAC)

This is an international social work organization that supports and organizes students on global issues through workshops, guest lectures and other campus wide activities.

OGSW Development

Infrastructure Development

To build the functional capacity and visibility of OGSW through a website and social media.

Grant Proposal Development

To obtain external funding to support OGSW projects ( i.e, Research Incentive Funding on Refugee Mental Health)


Community Engagement

Refugee Empowerment Project 

To empower refugees in Arizona, building the capacity of grassroots refugee Ethnic Community-based Organizations through technical assistance and community development.

Public Speaking

To educate the community on refugee resettlement issues


Research & Scholarship

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Anniversary: Inclusive Education Fellowship Program

The ADA Anniversary Inclusive Education Fellowship Program awarded to the University of Minnesota and Arizona State University by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is currently soliciting applications from professionals working in inclusive settings or otherwise supporting children and youth with disabilities.  The fellowship candidates must be either from Armenia, India, Kazakhstan or Ukraine, be between the ages of 25 and 45, and are proficient in spoken and written English. This international fellowship is designed to enhance the skills of professionals to work in inclusive settings and to build partnerships with colleagues from the U.S. and internationally.  Fellows selected for participation in this program will work with program staff to design person-centered fellowship plans, travel to Minnesota or Arizona for 6 weeks to gain knowledge and expertise in the field and share their experiences, get to know other fellows from the four countries participating the program, and following their return home, implement a Grand Challenge project with assistance from the project team and U.S. mentors.

Refugee Empowerment Project

To assess the needs of resettled refugees in Arizona and evaluate the Refugee Empowerment Project’s approach and outcomes

Community education to combat Ebola in Liberia

To evaluate the Liberian government’s strategy of community education to stop the spread of Ebola

Human Rights and Social Work

To advance scholarship in the area of human rights and social work   and raise visibility of  ASU in the field of global social welfare

Migrant Children and Unaccompanied Minors.

To understand the needs of this population and develop effective social work responses

Media Coverage

To raise visibility of OGSW research and projects and  the visibility of SSW and ASU

Location : ASU and Mexico