Christina Risley-Curtiss
Associate Professor
School Of Social Work

Christina Risley-Curtiss, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University.

Christina’s primary areas of research are in the other animal-human bond and child welfare. Her social work elective course—Other Animal-Human Connections—won the HSUS 2004 Society and Animals New Course Award. She is past chair of The Arizona Humane LINK, a coalition of animal welfare and human service agencies and is a member of the National Humane Link Coalition. Christina has received grants from the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBank Trust and the Animal Welfare Trust to develop an assessment and intervention program for children and youth who have abused animals. She is a Fellow at the Oxford Centre on Animal Ethics, is on the human-animal studies committee of the Animals and Society Institute (ASI) and a fellow for the University of Denver School Of Social Work Institute on Human-Animal Interactions. Christina is also on the faculty of The Kerulos Center and, in collaboration with ASI, has an online professional development program to train master’s level counselors to treat those who have abused other animals. Christina has published on other animal-human interactions mostly in social work journals. She grew up on a farm in Connecticut, where her father and grandfather practiced veterinary medicine. She currently lives in a trans-species cultural home with a number of cats and chickens, a dog and horse. Christina does hands-on rescue work including having volunteered to help animals during the Katrina rescue and she was a founding member of a TNR feral cat program at Arizona State University.

  • Link between animal cruelty and human violence
  • Animal-assisted social work, and other animal-human connections
  • Policy and practice issues in child welfare and public health, especially foster care and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Evaluation of child welfare and public health programs