Barbara Klimek
MSW Program Coordinator, Director, Office of Global Social Work & Clinical Associate Professor
School of Social Work

Barbara Klimek is clinical associate professor in the School of Social Work, part of the College of Public Service and Community Solutions at Arizona State University. She is also director of the Office of Global Social Work. 

Klimek's research interests are in the area of macro-economics, specifically related to demand and supply of qualify manpower into the national economy. She conducted research which allowed design and application of complex scientific econometric tools to problems related to planning and projecting future design and structure of the educational system in Poland. More recently, Klimek's research agenda has been related to issues of cultural diversity, specifically refugees and immigrants, as well as international social work.   

Prior to joining the faculty at ASU, she was an assistant professor in Department of Economics at the University of Warsaw where she was engaged in research and teaching in the areas of economics and econometrics. Klimek also brings 25 years of experience working in social service agencies

While at University of Warsaw, Dr. Klimek has taught classes in the field of economics, demographics, social and economic policy, and supervised master level dissertations. At Arizona State University, she has taught social work administration, research methods, applied project, cultural diversity, immigrants and refugees courses for undergraduate and graduate students in Social Work program, as well as Master of Social Justice and Human Rights program. Klimek conducts lectures/seminars and acts as an advisor/liaison and consultant in the area of field placements for international students.

Klimek has strong organizational, administrative and leadership skills and extensive knowledge of communities and ethnic diversity of the Southwest, as well as community based organizations and social services delivery systems in Arizona. She has many years of practice experience in generalist case management, program design, implementation, evaluation and monitoring in social service organizations. As a consultant to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), MRS Refugee Resettlement Program, Klimek has provided advisement and has developed trainings how to effectively work with refugees and immigrants for 100+ refugee resettlement programs within the USCCB network.

Klimek holds MSW degree from Arizona State University, MA degree in economics, major: econometrics from Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland, and a Ph.D. degree in economics from the University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland.

  • Demand and supply of qualify manpower into the national economy
  • Refugees and immigrants
  • Global social work